Caricatures from photos

Our artists create your custom caricature based on your supplied photos

It is amazing how our caricature artists can create a wonderful caricature artwork simply by drawing from your reference photo.

Our group of talented artisans use your supplied photo as the source for the caricature in just the same way as if you were actually sitting in front of them. By looking at the photo the artist draws your bespoke caricature in their own special way depending on their techneque and final finishing style.

Your photo is important

Because the artist does not know the person, all they can go on is exactly what they see from the best photo you provide. Poor photos run the risk of a less than optimum result. Face on, preferably with some facial expression to make it fun and nice and big is ideal. See our photo guidelines here

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Draft or direct to proof approach to caricature from photographs

Most artists do their artistic work directly to computer using an advanced digital tablet or touch screen interface using a digital pen. Other work on paper the scan the final result. Most artists therefore work direct to final proof. Either way does not mean that changes cannot still be made (but are rearely required with good direction) but be aware you are buying the artist's interpretation!

Need a whole of workplace caricature - we can do this as well - great for Christmas/greeting cards etc!

Questions? Feel free to Email us


Ordering is easy. Simply browse the artist's sample pages (links below, and when you decide on one, click the flag of the currency you wish to use.

Choose your artist by style

george (2K)

Semi realistic style
See more samples
zalo (2K)
Hand-drawn fun caricaturist style
See more samples
shane (3K)
A fun cartoon-like style
See more samples
eddie (2K)
Fun graphic style
See more samples

luis (2K)
Big heads and little bodies
See more samples
Keimosm (2K)
Classic true caricature style
See more samples
harry (2K)
Amazing hand painted style
See more samples
alec artist (2K)
Appealing hand crafted style
See more samples

Questions? Feel free to Email us

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