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Group-Team caricature commissioning

Immortalise your work group or sports team with a fun caricature

Group caricatures are a great way to immortalise a bunch of friends, work group, sporting team, family group or wedding party etc. Our artists undertake commissions for a small group or large group caricatures based on your supplied photos and ideas. We deliver your caricature by email, so EVERYONE in the group can have one! This makes them very affordable!

We start with IDEAS, not templates for your custom gft caricature

Worried about getting everyone together? You don't need everyone in the same source picture. Most of the samples featured here were created from a number of photographs supplied by email as part of the ordering process. In fact we prefer single images of each person as this provides best detail of their faces. Some clients like to draw a rough plan on where people should go etc and from this the artist creates the group dynamic.

We also include different types or colors of clothing for total personalization...maybe one of the group always wears a tie, or someone else commonly dressed very causally, This can be incorporated into the image.

You then receive a draft/proof so you can see the artists concept and this also provides you with the opportunity to fine tune aspects of the image.

:: BIG Discounts! ::
Prices are determined per person, with discounts when there are more than two people in the caricature.
Discounts are:
  • 2 people = 8%,
  • 3 people = 11%,
  • 4 people = 15%,
  • 5 people = 20%.
  • 6+ people = 25%
  • Really big groups - quote
The discount is applied on the order page and is shown as reduced amount per person. If you are unsure or have special complex props etc, please contact us

Also see this page on how we can further reduce the price of your caricature through minimizing bodies.

Note: Drawing large groups is involved and takes time. Please recognise that pricing needs to reflect this.

ausmed (1K) Pricing & ordering in Aust$

world (2K) Pricing & ordering in US$

euroflag (1K) Pricing & ordering in GB £

If in doubt, here is the ordering process explained.

Contact us for a quote for 7 or more people and we will come back with our most competitive quote. We can also reduce costs by incorporating an original photo and combining with caricatures.

If you would like to commission a group caricature please have a look at the different artists (look at all the artists via this page)

Shown here are custom caricatures samples from just some of our artists. All artists are happy to undertake group caricature commissions.

Group caricature ideas

See more group caricature samples by clicking here.

Work group Artist Luis
Work group Artist Eddie
by artist John
Friends for Friends - By artist Keimo
Friends for Friends - By artist Keimo
By artist Eddie
By artist Eddie
By artist Luis
Spreading the Love - By artist George
group-pirates (92K)
Work team - artist Zalo
small grou artist drawn picture
Even small groups - By artist George
Thank-you gift for host family - By artist Zalo
Co-workers group artwork
Co-workers group - artist Zalo
dancing group caricature
by artist John
16coloura (118K)
Simple style - Artist Keimo
Me and the boys - artist Zalo
soccergirls (42K)
By artist Eddie- end of season memento
work team near airplane
Work Team - artist Zalo
Casual work group - By artist George
Fun work group - By artist Darius
fun-office-caricature (76K)
Fun office caricature By artist Eddie
doctor gift, group caricature, gift
Doctor farewell gift - by Darius
work group caricature
Work group - By artist Zalo
office greeting card art caricature design
Greeting card caricature - artist Luis
end of army deployment group caricature
artist Eddie
family-caricature (60K)
Full body with background Artist John
gym-caricature (57K)
By artist John
manly-beach-office-caricature (87K)
By artist Eddie
girls-group-caricature (39K)
Artist John
caricature of a group of 16 people
Group of 16 by Artist Eddie

Cheats groups
ParishColorProof (48K)
A big group using just one caricature - artist Eddie
This is a mockup cf what we can do using your group photo and inserting the coaches etc. Price on request.
coach (62K)
Another example of using your group photo and inserting the coache. Price on request.
Black and white group caricatures
black and white caricature for Tshirt
By Zalo for use on boy's time away T-shirt
group7 (20K)
Work team caricatures - By artist George
BWpirates (27K)
Work team - By artist Zalo
caricatured gym guys
The gang at the gym - By artist Zalo
family caricature from photos
By artist Keimo
groupBW (64K)
By artist Eddie
BWgroomsmen (34K)
By artist Eddie
wedding groomsmen caricature art
Almost BW - By artist Keimo

:: Ordering ::

If you would like to commission a group caricature please have a look at the different artists (look at all the artists via this page)

ausmed (1K) Pricing & ordering in Aust$

world (2K) Pricing & ordering in US$

euroflag (1K) Pricing & ordering in GB £

If in doubt, here is the ordering process explained.

Shown here are custom caricatures samples from just some of our artists. All are happy to undertake group caricature commissions.

Click here to see more samples of artists work.
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10years (25K)

facebook (1K)

I received the caricature and I’m very happy with the results. Thank you so much - Viviana

It's a superb image, absolutely fantastic. I'm sure this will go down a storm in Oz! Thank you, for your hard work and for coping so well with what's probably been quite an unusual assignment, trying to second-guess what someone would like.You've really produced the goods, and I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wanted a caricature professionally done. Thank you very much. Jenny - UK
Some organisations where a caricature can be used for awards, keep sakes, gifts etc
  • Bands
  • Sporting teams
  • Special groups
  • Sporting groups
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Netball
    • Cricket
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Squash
    • Ice hockey
    • Tennis
    • Golf
  • Groups from team building exercises
  • Work teams
  • Coaches
  • Clubs
  • Not forgetting FAMILIES!!

Situations when a caricature is ideal
  • corporate gift
  • staff award
  • team memento
  • personal gift
  • wedding gift
  • welcome home
  • gag gift
  • avatar in a forum,
  • avatar for instant messaging programs or Skype
  • business card (additional fee may apply^)
  • web site (additional fee may apply^)
  • Scrap booking
  • printed on quality paper, mugs, caps, aprons, T-shirts, calendars, (postage stamps USA only) etc - see where you can get your caricature printed

Thanks so much! I'm very happy with the caricature. Please let the artist know how much I appreciate his work. He did an excellent excellent job. Leigh - USA

I really like the caricature, the colors make it better then I thought it would be when I first saw the draft, colors change everything. I'm glad I asked for more background detail, it makes it even better, the faces were done very well, and bodies, all colored great, and personalising it with my own ideas makes it very unique, and great as a gift.
Thanks for ensuring it arrived on time, the timing was important, and it worked out. Thanks for all the efforts and pass it on the artist, great stuff.
Sean - UK

Thank you so much for your incredible customer service and the fabulous caricature! You were so helpful throughout the process, I really appreciate it. The caricature itself is perfect. We will definitely recommend your services and will be using them again ourselves! Shawna - USA
Thank you very much Matt, everybody just loves the picture, and were already planing more. Diana - USA

Hi Matt, just wanted to say another big thank you for the caricatures... Once again thanks and if you could convey that to Rick Tom - UK

Thank you so much. The picture turned out great, I really love it! It's good to have such a special and DIFFERENT gift for someone special. Natasha - Aust.