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A caricature drawn from photo is the best gift for a person retiring

How to be a leaving gift idea hero!

Retirement or leaving a place of employment after a number of years is a major event in someone's life. To be acknowledged by boss, colleagues or staff can have a profound effect on a person's memory of their time spent with you.

a caricature is a retirement gift idea
Art by artist Darius

Having been present at a lot of retirement functions, I can say that of all the retirement gift ideas for the retiree that have the greatest impact are those that are highly personalised, and very few can match a caricature gift for when the work colleague retires.

We start with ideas, not templates

Why is a bespoke digital caricature such a good retirement gift idea? Simply because it can encapsulate the person and their history at the workplace. This does not have to be complex - just a few elements, a sign or logo somewhere is all that is required. Of course including their future plans is also possible!

The retirement gift caricature can be used in a number of ways - that's the great thing about digital - the image can be used as framed gift - put on a T-shirt, on a coffee mug or a range of other items

Your bespoke gift idea for a retirement related caricature can be in colour or black and white.

All we need for the caricature are a few good photos and a description of what you'd like. We are happy to help refine ideas with you.

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How to order your custom retirement related caricature gift

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Retirement caricature samples - see more samples on our BLOG

52_year_retirement (38K)
Retiring ater 52 years - Artist - John
retiringgolf (41K)
Fun retirement gift - Artist - Darius
retirement-caricature-gift-idea-blue collar worker
Retiring to the pub - Artist - Zalo
retired-office-worker gift idea
Farewell to the office - Artist - Eddie
caricature drawing of a man
Artist - Zalo

This was a gift drawn by artist Zalo for a doctor who was retiring after devoting many years voluntary work in medical assistance projects in Africa
retirement art gift
Artist - John
retireBW1 (23K)
Artist - Zalo
h32 (17K)
Artist - John
riding motorbike caricature for retirement gift
Artist - John
singleretirement (18K)
Artist - Zalo
Graham color 5 (168K)
Artist - Eddie
airforce caricature retirement gift (174K)
Artist - Darius
retirement gift for lady (43K)
Artist - Darius
retire1 (26K)
Artist - Eddie

retire2 (29K) Artist - Eddie

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Ordering your retirement gift caricature

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Retirement calls for a special touch, and a caricature drawn from a beloved photo stands out as a unique and heartfelt gift idea among various retirement presents. This personalized caricature, capturing humor, nostalgia, and the retiree's essence, adds a distinct touch to the celebration. Imagine the joy as the retiree unwraps a custom masterpiece reflecting their personality and career highlights.

The process is simple share a favorite photo and details about the retiree, letting the artist work their magic. The result is a one-of-a-kind keepsake that immortalizes the retiree's legacy in a lighthearted and artistic manner.

In the realm of retiring colleague gifts, a caricature drawn from a photo stands out for its ability to encapsulate the camaraderie and shared laughter. It's a lasting reminder of workplace bonds and a unique representation of a well-celebrated career. When looking for the best retirement gift ideas, consider the enduring impact and personal connection that a caricature drawn from a photo brings to this significant life transitions.

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The impact of a personalised, bespoke retirement gift cannot be underestimated on tyhe person who is retiring. As a retirement gift idea, having the ability to include the small things that matter, funny sayings, the clothing they wear, names of co-workers and colleagues really makes a difference.

Having been at a lot of retirement functions, I know the gifts with the greatest impact are those that are highly personalised, and very few can match a custom caricature art gift in this regard. When looking for a bespoke retirement gift idea for the boss, co-worker or colleague, remember a custom artwork ticks all the boxes.

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Matt, Everything looks great! Thank you very much for your patience and flexibility. I will recommend you to my colleagues for future work. Regards,Kevin

Thank you so much. The caricature came out better than I could ever have hoped for. Please thank Zalo for me, and make sure that he knows how grateful I am to have done this through him.

That is just brilliant. I couldn't be happier. Can you let Shane know how happy I am with the end result. Thank you so much. Maree

Awesome caricature art as always. Thanks! Chet.

It looks AMAZING! Vern