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Contacting Caricature King

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Matt from Caricature King

Hi, my name is Matt and I am the coordinator here at Caricature King. All communication with the caricature artists is done through me.

A coordinator is used because the artists are scattered around the globe and systems have been set up to make communication with them efficient. I can answer just about every question, thus freeing up the artist's time to do what they do best - creating amazing caricatures!

If your enquiry is about PRICES, please see this page. If the enquiry is about delivery times, are mention on each artist's samples page. These time frames are subject to change without notice. Prices are identical, regardless of the artist. Please also see our Frequently asked Questions page.

Questions about non-standard caricature pricing, big groups or just about anything else should still be sent to me.

All feedback on work is sent to the caricaturist, regardless of how we receive them (email, phone etc).

Contact methods

We have three main communication methods

1. Email

Click here to Email Matt (preferred)
If sending photos, please send to (also if sending pictures with a query).

3. Phone

IMPORTANT! Please note the time above, call daytime or evening till 10pm our office time only.

International +61 409 349 752
Australia 0409 349 752

Best between:

  • 9am-10pm Eastern Aust Standard Time
  • 5pm-6am Eastern USA Standard Time
  • 2pm-12am Western USA Standard Time
  • 6am-12pm London Standard Time

The current time at the Caricature King office is

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