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Superhero caricatures make amazing gifts!

Draw my friend as superhero cartoon your special gifts and ideal for weddings, birthdays, graduations, employee rewards and staff recognition.

Base your superhero caricature art on an existing superhero from Marvel, DC or other comic are we can work with you to create a whole new persona!!

If you are looking for something unusual for a wedding invitation or gift, birthday gift, graduation recognition or employee reward, then portrayal as a SuperHero is a fun way that also provides a wonderful keepsake.

hero-26 (32K)

We have a lot of fun creating superhero caricature art for many occasions:

  • Birthday gift - What better way of making someone feel special than showing them as perhaps the Man of Steel, Green Lantern or one of the many superheros that exist today!
  • Graduation recognition - let us just say that graduating often takes a superhuman effort, making graduands super heros anyway. But thats not to say the event should not be recognized with a fantastic custom artwork!.
  • Wedding invitation or gift - Set the scene for you wedding invitation with a super invitation. Or maybe a gift for the couple who you think are 'super' or if you are a 'super couple' it will make a great wedding anniversary gift!.
  • Best friends - go save the world people - just put on your super-hero personas first!
  • Employee reward - Has an employee put in a super effort? Recognise them in this special way.
  • Groomsmen - Are you a bunch of superheros? Have fun deciding who is new. Guaranteed laughs.

Need help on deciding on who to choose from the hundreds (yes hundreds of superheros out there!) Here is some help though there are dozens of sites featuring superheros!:

You can have a NEW superhero based on an existing - for instance, a superman-like one, with a different letter on the chest.

All art is drawn from photos and preferably you will supply the chosen image of the superhero (grab it of Google images) - and can feature any pose you like.

Your special caricature can be in colour or black and white and we will create a great new superhero.

Questions? If you have ANY questions Contact us here or

Ordering your super hero related caricature

Prices start from US$35pp for BW and US$39.99pp for color with discounts for two or more in image

ausmed (1K) Pricing and ordering in Aust$             world (2K) Pricing and ordering in US$             euroflag (1K) Pricing and ordering in GB £

If in doubt, here is the ordering process explained.

Super hero caricature samples - see more samples on our : BLOG :

super ecosteve
by artist Harry
lady captain america
By artist Keimo
super ecosteve
by artist Shane
lady captain america
By artist Luis
Batman and Robin art
by artist Eddie
you as super man
By artist George
Lutheren super relious warriors cartoon
by artist Eddie
wonder woman flying caricature artwork
by artist Harry
man of steel retirement caricature gift
by artist Harry
superhero in suit and cape
artist George
superwoman gift art
by artist Shane
British Super hero plumber
By artist Zalo
super hero couple
By artist Zalo
junior incredible hulk
by artist Zalo
spiderman boy art characature
By artist Zalo
husband and wife super heros
By artist Luis
super-hero-trio (37K)
by artist Keimo
hero-21w (41K)
by artist Harry
hero-22w (36K)
by artist Harry
thor fun cartoon
by artist Eddie
super mark retirement art gift cartoon
by artist Eddie

Ordering your wedding related caricature

ausmed (1K) Pricing and ordering in Aust$             world (2K) Pricing and ordering in US$             euroflag (1K) Pricing and ordering in GB £

->If in doubt, here is the ordering process explained.

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Thank you so much George. It was the perfect gift for the couple with everything.The bride was ecstatic that you captured all the details. She and I will definitely be using your service again. The entire process was smooth and efficient. I couldn't be more pleased - Caroline - USA