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Valentines Day gift idea - caricatures

The perfect gift for your Valentine

Unlock the secret to an unforgettable Valentine's Day with a romantic twist - gift a personalized caricature! It's not just about the artwork; it's the emotion and pose that make it uniquely romantic. Elevate the impact by including a heartfelt message, making your Valentine's Caricature a true symbol of your love story.

framed valentines caricature

Rest assured, your caricature is not just another template - it's 100% unique, just like your relationship. Take a peek at the samples below for a dose of inspiration and see how we can turn your love into art.

An enduring symbol

Your caricature isn't just a fleeting gesture; it outlasts roses and is guilt-free - less fattening than chocolate! ;) Choose between a vibrant color or classic black and white style, and let our expert artists bring your Valentine's gift caricature to life using your cherished photos.

But wait, there's more love to share! Enjoy a special discount of 8% when you include both of you in the same image. And the best part? We throw in your special wording or poem for FREE! (Can't think of a romantic saying - we can help there too!)

Ready to turn your love into a work of art? Scroll down to explore our Valentine's Caricatures and make this Valentine's Day a celebration of your unique connection!

You can then use your caricature in one or more of these ways:

  • Screen saver
  • Poster print (or we can supply)
  • Print it and frame (or we can supply)
  • Canvas print (ask us, we can do it!)
  • Put it on apparel (via our accessories page)
  • Put it on a mug (via our accessories page)
  • As a wallpaper for your cell phone
  • Have it made into a jigsaw (works great for wedding proposals!)

Ordering your Valentines Day caricature

Look at the artist's samples from our experienced professional artists below - you can click through on their names to see more. Then simply click the flag of the currency of your choice to start the order process! Or click the flag here to get started now. Also email good quality photos to us. You don't need to be in the same image. Good facial expressions help.

Questions? If you have ANY questions Contact us here or

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Valentines Day gift caricature samples
older-valentines (28K)By artist Eddie anniversrycouple (49K)
By artist Darius
artwork of young lovers with romantic wording
By artist George
drawing of young couple within large red love heart
By artist Zalo
happy young couple, black and white drawing
By artist Zalo
happy couple with dog celebrating anniversary date - color drawing
By artist Zalo
cartoon style artwork of happy couple
By artist Eddie
Valentines art of couple
By artist Eddie
artwork of happy couple with love poem
By artist George
Happy Valentines drawing
By artist George
drawing of young couple standing and smiling for alentines gift
By artist Zalo
BW7 (18K)
By artist Zalo
family1single (10K)
By artist George

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Thank you so much George. It was the perfect gift for the couple with everything.The bride was ecstatic that you captured all the details. She and I will definitely be using your service again. The entire process was smooth and efficient. I couldn't be more pleased - Caroline - USA