Photo suitability

This page is a reference and guide about photos, the good, the bad and the useless.

When selecting photos, please think about the artist and his view of you. If I were sitting 1.5 metres from you, how big is my head compared to the screen?

Also, for really fun caricatures, if you have pictures of people pulling wacky faces they are great!!

Remember, if you are wanting more that one person in the final art, they DO NOT have to be in the same picture.

PLEASE NOTE – in 99% of cases pictures from FACEBOOK are generally too small for faces, unless the big original can be downloaded. See this guide – How to download best quality images from Facebook

Here are some sample shots and comments:

This one is of course way to small. Yes someone actually sent this!
Also too small. The artist cannot see any facial detail.
This image is poor  both in terms of size and that it is dark
While the expressions are great, this is about as small as the artists are happy using.

Bigger the better!

If you are unsure if your image is suitable, please email it to

and we will advise.The thing to remember is that the better the photo, the better the result.

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