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Performers/singers/magicians caricatures

The ideal promotional tool!!

If you are a singer, musician or other type of performer be it as a hobby or profession, using caricatures as a branding tool is an ideal way to extend your connection with art.

Why a caricature? Simply because a caricature can portray you any way you want. It can add mystery, humor, fun!

Have a look at some of the performer's caricature and musician's caricature samples below. We can work with you to create simething really special:

Our artists create many different styles - one to suit you!

You can browse all the artists and see more of their work. NOT ALL ARTISTS WORK IS SHOWN HERE

Performers/magicians caricature samples
magician1 (39K) magician2 (77K)
guitar-rocker-caricature (43K) peterguitarcaricature (22K)
funnyman (42K) cardman
drummer-man-caricature singer-caricature
coupleperformer (74K) groupperformers (86K)
singer-guitar-girl singinggirls (94K)
guitarman (33K) magicman caricature)
ukulelei-player (14K) Voicebroker1 (27K)
3 singers (55K)

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Thank you so much George. It was the perfect gift for the couple with everything.The bride was ecstatic that you captured all the details. She and I will definitely be using your service again. The entire process was smooth and efficient. I couldn't be more pleased - Caroline - USA