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First, Browse Caricature Artists for the style you want

Here at Caricature King one of our talented team of caricature artists will draw an amazing caricature from your supplied photo. Our experienced artist team has a broad range of styles so you can find the perfect art style so you can have total confidence in your caricature commission project.

The best way to select your artist is to browse their sample pages by clicking an image below and then start ordering directly from the chosen artist's page!

Second, on each artist's page are links to order pages in three different currencies

Or click one of the links on the left side of the page. You can order in various currencies. If you have questions, just ask!

george (2K)

Semi realistic style
See more samples
zalo (2K)
Hand-drawn fun caricaturist style
See more samples
shane (3K)
A fun cartoon-like style
See more samples
eddie (2K)
Fun graphic style
See more samples

luis (2K)
Big heads and little bodies
See more samples
Keimosm (2K)
Classic true caricature style
See more samples
harry (2K)
Amazing hand painted style
See more samples
alec artist (2K)
Appealing hand crafted style
See more samples

:: Latest posts on our blog ::

Special offer from artist Keimo

‘ Special offer till June 30 only . The year is almost have way through and artist Keimo is celebrating with a great deal…. Get a unique black and white caricature for an amazingly low price! Samples below Pricing* and special order links 2 people = $64.40 just $45, 3 people = $93 just $67, […]

Artist Keimo now offering black and white caricatures.

There are times when a color caricature is perfect, but sometimes the emphasis on line can mean a black and white caricature is the most suitable choice. Often a bit more simple, but still a great artistic item for a gift for many occasions, you can order a BW caricature drawn from your supplied reference […]

Struggling to find that perfect Mother’s Day gift?

Give laughter, amazement and joy If you are like me, you struggle to find a suitable gift for Mom for Mother’s Day each year. For me its a struggle that comes around every year. I have no idea what to get! For many, not having an idea what to get is the biggest barrier to […]

How to download best quality images from Facebook

Facebook has become the repository of choice for many people’s photos. The ease of upload and ability to share pictures has maintained this popularity. For many times, viewing the photograph either in the ‘Post view’ or even going that one step further and viewing ‘Full Screen is sufficient. Viewed on a monitor, tablet or phone […]

Crazy expression makes for an amazing caricature

What can I say except that a crazy expression makes for an amazing caricature!! Never be afraid to supply photos that you think are too ‘out there’ (even adults!) This is the sample image for the customer’s framed art – using white with black core mat Art by Alec

Get your own custom artwork today

    Characatures make great gifts. so if you are looking for Characature drawings then you have come to the right place. Our skilled artists draw your characature from your photo!   Click the faces to see their samples     See artist Eddie’s samples Classic street caricaturist style Buy in US$ Buy in A$ […]

Caricature of a couple portrayed as Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

  The caricature instruction was for the couple to be portrayed as Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from the Disney movie Tangled. Artist Harry came up with the goods!      

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