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Caricature pricing

An important consideration regarding pricing!!

Caricatures can take many hours to produce and our professional artists believe in receiving a living wage. We do not operate sweatshops in third-world countries in order to compete by offering artificially low prices, or do fair-ground 12 line limit work. You get a custom, professionally created product at a fair price.

Custom art - we do not start with templates.

Don't be fooled that because you receive a digital file via email that the quality of the art, or the skill of the artist is any less than if you were to sit in a studio and be drawn or painted by a person in receive a pencil or ink washed image in the post. We do not start with templates - your caricature is unique, commissioned and original art

BIG Discounts!
Prices are determined per person, with discounts when there are more than two people in the caricature.
  • 2 people = 8%,
  • 3 people = 11%,
  • 4 people = 15%,
  • 5 people = 20%.
  • 6+ people = 25%
  • Really big groups - quote
The discount is applied on the order page and is shown as reduced amount per person. If you are unsure or have special complex props etc, please contact us

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The US$ and A$ order pages also have professional printing options.

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