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Prices on this page are in British Pounds. Please click these links if you wish to order in $Aust. or if you wish to order in US$.

To order your caricature, please follow the steps as they appear below. A new step will appear as you make make each selection. You can make various selections to determine the total price.

All orders are screened by Matt, the Caricature King Coordinator. If there are any issues he will contact you or you can contact Matt here.

crown (1K) Discounts
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Prices are determined per person and discounts apply when there are two or more people in the caricature. Discounts also apply to multiple caricatures on the same order.

Discounts are:

  • 2 people = 8%,
  • 3 people = 11%,
  • 4 people = 15%,
  • 5 people = 20%.
  • 6+ people = 25%
  • Really big groups - quote

The discount is automatically applied.

crown (1K) Sending your photos

Please email your photos to You can do this now, or after you have placed your order. Please check this page to ensure your photos will be suitable.

NOTE! - If you are having trouble ordering, please email with what you want and we will get in contact with you.

We look forward to creating a wonderful custom artwork for you!

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Hi, Matt! We had Randy's roast last Thursday night, & it was a wonderful success. The Board President & my boss (who's also the CEO) LOVED the caricature, & everyone there said that the artist captured him absolutely. Thanx so much for the awesome picture & fabulous service!! Jo Janssen - Mid Coast Family Services - USA

Thank you so much for helping me get such a great last minute gift for my dad's retirement. It was definitely something he never expected! Zalo did a great job - it's even better than I hoped it would be. And the customer service I got from Matt was fantastic! I'll certainly recommend to my friends and family. Joanne Fontenot - USA.

Thanks very much, this is fantastic. I'm sure it will be a most welcome and original wedding present - something a little different from wine glasses & saucepans.Thanks again,Maggie - Aust

I’m just amazed! It turned out fabulous! I can hardly wait to show it to Darin and his secretaries. They are going to just love it! You can certainly expect more business from me in the next few months because I really want to have the others that I mentioned originally done as well. Please pass along my sincere gratitude to Zalo. What an amazingly talented person he is….Julie - USA