photograph caricatures

The memory machine

Caricatures make great gifts - they capture and create great memories.

Want to commemorate some point in a person's life? The caricature suits this purpose perfectly because elements of the person's history can be included.

Got a picture of you with (or the giving of) a Caricature King caricature? Send it in and we will feature it here

Caricatures bringing joy
eddiecouple12 (34K)
Couple framed print - art by Eddie
tshirt (9K) general (13K)
Even in Baghdad
snape (123K)
Hey kids, this is what Prof. Snape really looks like!!
Artist Zalo with actor Alan Rickman
weddingwelcome (18K)
zim1 (132K)
Life imitating art
cake (31K)
On a cake!
onesteel1 (13K) onesteel2 (11K)
k1 (24K) k2 (21K)
daleanddotty (30K) weddingsign2 (26K)
onesteel3 (10K) onesteel4 (17K)
wedding sign-in zalobw (15K)
White background with white matting looks good!
Framed-HarryAU (19K)
Art by Harry - framed locally by customer
terry (27K)
Printed and framed locally by customer
golfer caricature
Zalo's art plus print and frame package - USA
boating caricature
Zalo's art plus print and frame package - USA
RIMG0600 Brian with pic
Poster print - art by John
perrin (48K)
Poster print, framed, plus plotter print in background - art by John
P1000178 (39K)
Featuring our print/frame service (10x12" print, 1 1/4" mat, 1 1/2" black frame - art by Shane
(Plaque added by customer)
Barry (23K)
Retirement caricature. Featuring our print/frame service (11x14" print) Nice with the signatures - art by George
biker (21K)
This is our 16x20 inch print package.
winelabel (20K)
Art used as a wine label
muscles (18K) Artist Luis - Framed by customer weddingsign3 (19K) Artist John - Used as a wedding signature board.
wbeam (29K)
Artist Shane - Printed and framed by customer - retirement gift
footy (28K)
Artist Harry - Printed and framed by customer
geoff (20K)
Printed and framed by customer - birthday gift
shaneretire (20K)
plate (26K)
art used on motor vehicle front licence plate - art by George

twit2 (1K)

facebook (1K)

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