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Replace your face caricatures

The cost saving way to get a fun caricature

Sometimes you want a full body caricature, or one with a background but you are working to a budget.

To meet this need we are making available a selection of fun themes that you can have your head/s placed in the scene or on the body at a much cost lower than if you had ordered the original! For instance, your head on a body saves you $35, while in a scene can save you $55 or more!.

It's easy, all you need to is Email Matt a photo for the artist to draw from and then click the image you want - this will take you directly into the order form where you can complete the checkout process.

Within days we will email you back your finished caricature ready for you to print at sizes up to poster print. We also offer a print and frame and poster print service. Ask about this when submiting your order.

:: Price and Ordering ::

All orders are in US$ and priced at $45 per head, including face and hair. Item color changes, add $10 - by request when ordering. Email Matt the image/s the artist should draw from.

Of course if you want your own theme from scratch, just vist each artist's page using the menu at upper left.

Your-Face-Here caricatures
boxer (31K)
Click to order Boxer - $45
jumper (26K)
Click to order Jumper - $45
kicker (33K)
Click to order Kicker - $45
runner caricature
Click to order Runner - $45
yoga caricature
Click to order Yoga man - $45
weightlifter (27K)
Click to order weightlifter - $45
knight caricature
Click to order Knight - $45
lady1 caricature
Click to order Lady1 - $45
ladyof old caricature
Click to order Lady2 - $45
noble (41K)
Click to order Noble - $45
nobleman (35K)
Click to order NobleMan - $45
princess (38K)
Click to order Princess - $45
queen (32K)
Click to order Queen - $45
car1right (36K)
Click to order Car Right hand drive - $45
moneyman (27K)
Click to order MoneyMan - $45
car1 (36K)
Click to order Car Left hand drive - $45
pinkcar (69K)
Click to order Pink Car - $135
car1fast (43K)
Click to order Car Left hand drive - $45

:: Ordering ::

Just click on the image or link to go to the order page. Contact us if you have any questions!!

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Some organisations where a caricature can be used for awards, keep sakes, gifts etc
  • Bands
  • Sporting teams
  • Special groups
  • Sporting groups
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Netball
    • Cricket
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Squash
    • Ice hockey
    • Tennis
    • Golf
  • Groups from team building exercises
  • Work teams
  • Coaches
  • Clubs
  • Not forgetting FAMILIES!!

Situations when a caricature is ideal
  • corporate gift
  • staff award
  • team memento
  • personal gift
  • wedding gift
  • welcome home
  • gag gift
  • avatar in a forum,
  • avatar for instant messaging programs or Skype
  • business card (additional fee may apply^)
  • web site (additional fee may apply^)
  • Scrap booking
  • printed on quality paper, mugs, caps, aprons, T-shirts, calendars, (postage stamps USA only) etc - see where you can get your caricature printed

To order, please choose your artist and once in the cart section, adjust quantity to the number of people. If you have any questions, please Email Matt