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Beautiful portraits
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Caricature King makes it easy to get treasured gifts
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Choosing a gift that is 'just right' can be very hard, especially when the recipient seems to have everything, or perhaps you are unsure just what they need. But we know that the right gift is important - which is why a commissioned portrait is such a great idea!

A ready to print digital portrait can feature one or more people. It is the perfect gift for many special occasions including;

  • Retirement gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Wedding gift
  • bride and groom
  • Anniversary gift
  • Special occasions
  • Thank-you gifts
  • Graduation gift

Every digital portrait is a unique creation expertly crafted by your selected artist based on your photos. You will be amazed at how the artist will capture the subject's likeness, creating an amazing and much appreciated artwork for the gift recipient.

A digital portrait is easily printed and is great for many applications:

  • If you wish, you can print yourself - they look fine printed on a laser printer or at your local digital photo printing shop or take advantage of our print /frame service (USA and Aust.)
  • Print on a range of items, including Tshirts, towels, bags - even create as a mobile phone screen saver!
  • Use as a computer screen saver
  • Because you have a digital copy, there are less worries if the printed copy becomes damaged/lost

All work is based on 8x10 inch dimensions (portait or landscape) or you can specify another size if you wish.

Get the complete package by ordering our optional printing and frame option available for USA and Australian customers. Email for details.

Browse our artists for a style you like -
Meet artist Zalo
Detailed hand drawn style
portrait (63K)

See bigger
One person $45 bbutton (1K)
Two people $85 bbutton (1K)
Three people $120 bbutton (1K)
Please email us photos here
Meet artist George
With just a touch of interpretation - 100% digital
dutch (28K)
See Samples
One person $45 bbutton (1K)
Two people $85 bbutton (1K)
Three people $120 bbutton (1K)
Please email us photos here

crown (1K) Choose the style that suits you!
Simply select an artist above and click on the number of people in the image. Then email us sorce photos and specify if you want BW or color - both are priced the same. In a few days you will receive by email a quality art-piece based on the supplied photo/s.

crown (1K) Quality work
Our artists are very experienced and produce a draft for your viewing prior to completing the final work.

Questions? Feel free to Email us

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The image is perfect! Thank you! Esther - UK

Just want to say thanks so much. I thought they were very well done and exactly what I wanted!

Prior in using your website I had been searching for quite a bit in finding the right one, and to be honest I was very pleased with yours, with the quality and of course the excellent prices, also what surprised me was the constant communication from yourself to the consumer. Nafees - USA

i love it ... Carmen - USA
Matt - It looks great! Thank you. Kris - Australia