How to download best quality images from Facebook

Facebook has become the repository of choice for many people’s photos. The ease of upload and ability to share pictures has maintained this popularity.

For many times, viewing the photograph either in the ‘Post view’ or even going that one step further and viewing ‘Full Screen is sufficient. Viewed on a monitor, tablet or phone screen, the resolution and image size is generally sufficient. Facebook’s clever software resizes and adjusts the resolution pf the photo to suit this basic, digital world and reduce bandwidth needs (and you data use!)

But what if you need to access the original photo (or other image) as it was when it was uploaded?

There are times when the original resolution image is needed in is original glory (assuming it was not sized reduced before being uploaded). Perhaps you want to print the photo (think family gatherings when there are pics of your and the family you might want to put in a frame) or there are other instances, such as an artist wanting to draw bases on the photo/s. In this can supplying the best resolution possible is needed.


How to download highest resolution photos from Facebook


to download highest resolution images from facebook

The process to download full sized photos is simple.

When viewing the image on Facebook, kick the Options word (1)

From the menu select Download (2)

You canĀ  then save the image to your computer or memory stick etc for sending or taking to a print shop.

The long file name will end in _o signifying this is the original, rather than _n which is the adjusted image for low resolution viewing.

Using this process you can easily get the best quality images from yours or friends Facebook Timelines and albums.


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