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Capturing character with a caricature

Sometimes it does not take too much to create a really nice piece of caricature art. No fancy props, complex background or high tech input. Here is a nice simple caricature by artist Zalo. It shows that from a photo that is fairly ordinary (especially is others are in it, as was the case in …

Motorbike caricature

Here is a fun caricature by caricature artist Shane.  Caricatures of people on motorbikes are not that common, but when they are ordered they are a lot of fun. Maybe you know of a friend who would like to be drawn on or with their motorbike?

A man and his dog caricature

The saying is that a dog is a man’s best friend, and this image certainly shows the love! Expertly produced, it has great detail – truely an original work of art! Order pet caricatures here   Like it? Let us know your thoughts via comments.

Fun hobby focussed caricature by artist Harry

With TV and the internet it is easy to follow many different sporting teams. This was the case on a recent order for Harry, with the ‘victim’ following several different sports. Coordinator Matt liaised with the client and came up with a great scenario that encompassed all four activities, even including identifiable aspects for the …

Zalo caricatures some runners

Catching people on the move is always a fun thing, and here caricature artist Zalo has caricatured some runners. All workmates, they will be using this on their blog that will be a lot of fun I am sure. I think the image would also be a great item for a Christmas card.

Fun new caricature from Shane

Here is a fun caricature from artist Shane. The background is the husband has a well-paying job in Europe, which is just as well because the females in his family love spending it on nice jewelry, fashionable clothing and  other luxuries! The client commutes on a regular basis over the pond, hence the aircraft!

Work group caricature

For many, the workplace extends beyond friendships merely at work, and can include involvement in social activities out-of-hours. Here is a caricature that celebrates such a group – who enjoying getting away on road trips to interesting places. While the landmark is familiar, we did not get the opportunity to put a UFO into this …

Caricature gift for young film-maker

Its a nice thing when siblings recognise the achievements for their kids, and this was the case when student Joshua Walsh reached the finals of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival for his film Pencil Town. The caricature was also denoting Joshua’s high school graduation plus including aspects of his family, who he holds …

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