Putting the fun back into weddings

Weddings can be such stiff and formal affairs. Often they are strangled by tradition and routine.

The path to wedding formality starts with the wedding invitations. There is that word again that is used to describe them – ‘formal’. Often featuring gilding, embossing, script style lettering on while linen paper…..

In today’s contemporary society there is a strong move away from excessive formality and rigidity in weddings. While the actual wedding service can follow the usual protocols, the background emotion nowadays is often more fun and celebratory.

So how can you set the tone for the day?

One easy way is to start early and send out invitations that reveal your intention for a fun-filled time of celebration of your future lives together. The easiest and increasingly popular way to do this is to use a custom caricature as a main feature of your invitation that clearly expresses your mood.

Wedding invitations are an important aspect. It is from the tone that is set on the invitation that can influence the types of gifts that are bought, and most importantly the underlying mood of guests on the day!

So imagine the impact a wedding invitation that features fun-filled image that denotes love and joy and some impish fun will have!!

The fun starts with the ideas that you can think of for what you want to show – some have the bride carrying off the groom, others denote some important aspect of their life together.

The best part about getting a custom caricature drawn is you can have whatever you want. Sites like caricatureking.com do not use templates, every job is 100% unique and becomes an amazing keepsake in its own right.

So if you are getting married, think about the opportunities that a custom caricature wedding save-the-date or wedding invitation can provide.

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