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10 uses for a caricature in business

Looking for something different in your business? Think caricature!! I have plenty of suggestions, but I’d like hear of  some original, out of the box ideas sourced from the wider community. I’m after a good list and maybe we can refine to the top 10 ideas. I have started off asking in the Twittersphere and… Read More »

Valentine’s gift idea – caricature

One Valentines’ Day gift that is HOT this year is NOT red roses or teddy bears holding little hearts. If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift idea that is lasting, then join the surge towards Valentines carictaures. You can get something amazing for about the same price as red roses, and unlike roses,… Read More »

The caricature ordering process

Here is a quick run-down on the process between an order being received and the final order being completed. First we receive the image from the customer. In this case the image is below standard, as it does not sow the face clearly. Ideally a second photo as a close up of the face should… Read More »