Superfast turnaround – Yes We Can!

I know I am always asking customers and potential customers to give the caricature artists plenty of lead time – but sometimes, things just ‘happen’, like perfect synchronicity….

Like at 10pm my time, I was finishing a few things off when on the live chat someone asked if we could do a black and white caricature based on a description only. It was for t-shirts for a girls soccer team.

As luck would have it, artist Zalo was online, late Friday afternoon his time and a quick question via MSN and yes he could do it.

Give the customer the page to order from and the order was in and in 60 MINUTES the caricature was on the email back to the client (due to time constraints no draft on this occasion).

Sometimes things just happen, but of course longer is always better.

Here is the result. Cute, but angry….

angry girl

See more of Zalo’s Black and White caricature work at the bottom of this page.

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