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Artist changes and welcome new artist Luis

We have had a couple of changes in our artist line up in recent weeks. Artist Roy has taken on a new life challenge including moving country and as a result has needed to rationalize his activities, so it is a sad farewell to Roy after three years dedicated artistic services. Artist Rick has also… Read More »

Sporting team caricature

Are you part of a sporting team and want to promote yourselves, your wins, or just let everyone know how awesome you are? Think about a caricature for your sport team.  We did one for a basketball team. The have won four straight championships, and at the start of the season just wanted to let… Read More »

Fishing caricature

Uncle Ed is a keen fisherman so what better gift (other than a fishing trip) could a man want on his birthday! Here is a beaut fishing caricature created by artist Harry.  If you have a fisherman (or any other keen sportperson) in your house, we can create a great caricature gift for you.  Just… Read More »

Valentines Day sayings

Here are some Valentines Day sayings. We can put these on a wonderful, romantic caricature for you, or words of your choosing. See some samples here If you would like a Valentines Day caricature please visit our website or contact Matt Many are the stars I see, but in my eye no star like thee.… Read More »

Valentines Day 2010 Ideas

Our page for Valentines Day Gifts has been updated – you can see some samples and get ideas for a truly memorable gift for your Valentine! See samples here

Motorbike caricature

Here is a fun caricature by caricature artist Shane.  Caricatures of people on motorbikes are not that common, but when they are ordered they are a lot of fun. Maybe you know of a friend who would like to be drawn on or with their motorbike?

Zalo caricatures some runners

Catching people on the move is always a fun thing, and here caricature artist Zalo has caricatured some runners. All workmates, they will be using this on their blog that will be a lot of fun I am sure. I think the image would also be a great item for a Christmas card.