Caricature greeting cards – Christmas card design

Having your own caricature greeting cards or Christmas card designed by Caricature King artists using your photos, means your family and friends or business clients won’t get a mundane card this Christmas.

I know every year I get lots of the same card from various sources (and some even appear to be almost identical on the inside!) … most are uninspiring.

But greeting cards are a great way to renew relationships, with personal acquaintances, relatives and on the commercial angle, maintain a business connection.

What better way to create an impression, to cut through the sea of stack standard cards than to have your own custom cards in a fun mood!

Our caricature artists draw the caricature using your photos for reference and also taking into account your instructions. This can include people placement, clothing, scene etc. Remember, everything about your caricature is 100% bespoke, that is no-one will have what you have!

Imagine a family group caricature Christmas card – we can use several photos to bring your family together.

Or how about a whole of staff image? We can even supply images of each staff member individually if planned beforehand so you get extra value from the art. Ideal for staff profile pictures or even on business cards.

Get a caricature created (we size it up and everything and even put on the text you want) and then have it printed using our print partner (they even supply the envelopes).

Easy – all you have to do is write your personal note inside each one and you have created a memorable moment for each and every person who receives one.

Alternatively we can supply art sized to your specifications and you can use an online greeting cart printer or local printing service in your location.

You can also email your caricature greeting card if you prefer digital delivery.

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