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Drag racer caricature

This drag racer caricature shows one of the great things about getting a caricature drawn is you can have anything included. This caricature gift for a drag racer was drawn from this description supplied by the customer: “This is a caricature for my brothers 30th B’day. He is a drag racer and also plays guitar …

Pilot caricature picture

Here is a fun caricature by artist Zalo. The subject, Brian like to fly his gyrocopter. As he is the pilot, his friends thought it would be great fun to see him in his Captain’s uniform!! This image shows how nice a black and white caricate can be. It looked really good as a 16×20 …

Happy 60th birthday caricature

Here is a beaut 60th birthday caricature created by artist George. The instructions were quite simple – the ‘victim’ like his footy team so what better way than to show him in his favorite teams outfit. If you have a friend or relative with a birthday coming up, think about a caricature as a gift!

Great fancy dress caricature

The great thing about getting a custom caricature drawn is you can portray anything you want. Just as well, because this gift caricature has the couple dressed in fancy dress as a pimp and pro. The work was completed by artist John and resulted in a wonderful image that was well received!

High School Graduation Caricature

Here is a fun high school graduation caricature drawn by artist Zalo. A great way to commemorate leaving school and the group friendship they shared. The caricature was drawn from a number of supplied photos and based on a layout idea by the client. This sort of gift is also ideal for sporting teams, work …

Happy 50th caricature

Here is a great caricature by characature artist Luis. He is a master of the big head little body style. The client asked that all of the ‘victims’ sports hobby passions be included in the caricature that was drawn from photo. As you can see, based on the request and the photos supplied a fun …

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