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21st birthday gift soccer player caricature

Birthdays are always big deals and 21st birthdays among the big three (18, 21, 40). Here is a great 21st birthday caricature of a young man who is a keen soccer player. What better way to mark such a special age! Birthdays are an ongoing event for the people around us. Who do you know… Read More »

Retirement caricature

Retirement gift are a great time to think about caricatures because caricature make such great gifts for people who are retiring. The reason is you can include elements that personalize the image – in fact every image is custom created from scratch. In this example the man retiring was involved in ship engineering. So he… Read More »

Sibling caricature

Here is a nice caricature by artist Luis. The brief for this brother and sister caricature included specific items on the tshirt, plus props and wording. They also ordered the framed print package. They said: “The caricature came in today, and it looks great. Thanks for all of your hard work, and it was a… Read More »

Are you a gift giving hero??

There are some people who give gifts and there are others who give GIFTS!! What is the difference between a n OK gift and an amazing gift? Simply the reaction of the person receiving the gift. A gift giving Hero gives a gift that has a WOW reaction. A caricature is just that sort of… Read More »

BW caricature of children

Here is a very nice caricature of some children by artist the Zalo. As you can see he has characterized them and they look rather cute and they make a nice group of the younger members of the family. As you can see Zalo has a unique style that is more characterized than many of… Read More »

Three friends caricature

Here is a great caricature of three friends completed by artist Harry. As you can see Harry does realistic work that suits many people, including this customer! The great thing about our caricatures is because their are delivered digitally, you can print them several times so each person can have a copy (we also offer… Read More »

Graduation caricature

Here is a fun Graduation Gift Caricature. What better way to celebrate graduating after years of hard study that with a highly memorable piece of custom art! Background to this Graduation Gift art: It’s a gift for his graduation ceremony (completed PhD in Biomedical Science). I would like to make it funny. As a kid… Read More »

Customer feedback

Here is  some of a email we received from a happy client.  It has been edited slightly to protect names as the gift has not been given yet! I’m so excited, estatic, elated and super PUMPED about Harry’s cariacture! It is INCREDIBLE how realistic Harry’s work is and how he truly nailed Gary’s and my… Read More »

When is a caricature not a piece of art?

This is a bit of a conundrum question because first we need to establish that a caricature is in fact a piece of art. It is interesting that people will often depreciate a caricature, not comparing it to say a portrait or other artwork. In fact many caricatures take just as long and in some… Read More »

Caricatures of surfboard riders

Its been a while but caricatures of people riding surfboards seems to be the flavor of the month. It could be that now is the middle of the Australian Summer, so surfing is on the agenda, but wait, one order comes from Hawaii. So here are some examples of surfer caricatures. They are different people,… Read More »