Liven up your manuals and materials with graphics

How often have you waded through a manual or some training material wishing there were some graphics to liven up the page, or to help mark important points on the page?

Too much text, even if broken up by headings and dot points becomes dull and uninspiring to the reader.

The use of imaginative graphics can make a significant different to the readablility and navigation of any material, plus add significantly to the visual appeal.

Custom graphics can be used to identify key points, section summaries, activities or to signify important transitions.

Graphics can take on many forms, however, opting for the human touch can make a real difference.

Here is an example one client did for “stop, go, well done” type situations.

manual graphics
manual graphics

These sorts of graphic can personalise your materials, can allow an identity of the voice behind the words to emerge.

Of course printed materials are an obvious choice, buy don’t forget PowerPoint presentations and other audiovisual situations.

The use of a good graphic can provide a moment of respite from a  series of facts and gives the audience’s brains a short time-out. It also helps to differentiate your presentation from all of the boring ones!

If you are looking for some graphic work for your manuals, fliers, presentations study books etc, Caricature King has several artists who can provide a range of services in black and white and colour.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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