Family caricatures are a lot of fun!

While a photo of a family provides a lasting keepsake, often they are rather posed and therefore lack the fun they possible could show.

A family caricature drawing on the other hand, provides the scope to include aspects of people and events that are lost in individual photographic records.

Take this family caricature:

family characture
family characture

This scene was made up of a range of photos of the family’s horseback riding outing, that featured pictures of horses rears, shots where the horses were not even featured, shots from poor angles and often shots that did not capture a key fun aspect of the outing. Not one of the photos captured the memory as well as it could have. Therefore the client thought caricature!

Dad leading at the front was famous on the day for his ummmm…impeccable dress sense, right down to the push-bike helmet, while the son did not feel so happy about having the smallest horse, nor that it was called Sparkles. Anyone riding a small horse called Sparkles deserves a pink cowboy hat!

And the other two ladies just had a ball as they rode past the lake in their City Slickers blue hats.

What did the client say? “That is fabulous!!!  Thank you so much!  John did a GREAT job!”

So if you have a memorable family moment, why not take it that extra step and have a great family keepsake caricature created from several photos to capture many aspects of the occasion.

All of your artists can create a wonderful family caricature for you.

Browse their styles from this page.

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