Drag racer caricature

This drag racer caricature shows one of the great things about getting a caricature drawn is you can have anything included.

This caricature gift for a drag racer was drawn from this description supplied by the customer:

“This is a caricature for my brothers 30th B’day. He is a drag racer and also plays guitar in a band. I would like the background of the caricature to include the drag car as a prop (the colour of the drag car is dark and light green and the name on the side of the car says ‘Blake Racing’) and the background as a drag strip possibly with smoke coming from the tires of the car as if it is doing a burnout. I would like him to be wearing Jeans and a T-Shirt. The band he is in is called January Scar so I would like the band name to be on his t-shirt.”

I think you can see why they were so pleased with the result! See more of Harry’s work here and here

drag racer caricature


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