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Welcome new artist Eddie

We are pleased to announce a new caricature artist has joined our team – Eddie. As you will see from his samples, he has a great fun, graphic style that can be used for a wide range of uses, as can all our artist’s outputs. Eddie is taking orders now with minimal delay. Here are… Read More »

Valentines gift idea with a difference

It is five weeks away so it is important to be thinking about Valentines Day gift ideas. If you would like to give something other than chocolates or roses (yawn!) this Valentines Day, then why not go for something that will be fun and laughter and last a whole lot longer – a caricature Valentines… Read More »

Baseballer caricature gift

If you know someone who is into baseball, a baseball player caricature is a great gift idea. Here is a baseballer caricature created by artist George. Working from a good photo (it is size reduced here) you can see the fun result – what a great gift!

Are Facebook pictures good enough to caricature?

In recent months increasingly we are seeing pictures from people’s Facebook albums supplies as images for the artists to use as source images. Sadly in 90% of cases images from Facebook are unsuitable for the artist to use because Facebook resizes images and reduces the resolution, making them too small. The only exceptions are those… Read More »

Caricature gift

Artist John recently completed this caricature for a client who was giving it as a gift for a friend who is opening a new fitness centre. They said: Hi Matt, Thank-you so much for all your help in organising this caricature for me. John did an amazing job & my girlfriend just loved it. Such… Read More »