When is a caricature not a piece of art?

This is a bit of a conundrum question because first we need to establish that a caricature is in fact a piece of art.

It is interesting that people will often depreciate a caricature, not comparing it to say a portrait or other artwork. In fact many caricatures take just as long and in some cases a bit longer owing to the thought that is placed into the selection of photos to use as the basis for the art and the thought and work to create the often additional inclusions of the artwork.

So with that behind us, let me tell you when a caricature is NOT a piece of art.

It all has to do with the final use. In the case of Caricature King caricatures it is important to think of them as not a piece of art (when in fact they are) but as something else….

They are in fact an emotion. Like Dr Who traveling in time, so the emotion of a caricature is both subtle and complex and interspersed over a period of time.

> Time-frame one. The design stage is when emotion of a number of people is involved. First, once the decision to create a caricature is made, there is the thought as to what to include in it. Here there is excitement, discovery and creativity both on the part of the person ordering the caricature, but also the team at Caricature King who often help the customer realize hidden aspects, which are used to add extra subtlety and complexity to the art.

> Time-frame two. The joy of seeing the finished product and anticipation of the giving. This stage maybe be shared with family or work colleagues adding to the pensive excitement!

> Time-frame three. The giving. Here there is a wide range of emotions from nervous excitement, discovery, uncertainty, amazement, joy expressed as laughter, relief, congratulation (to the person who’s wonderful idea it was!) and happiness.

Yes, a caricature is an emotional investment in a gift. This cannot be matched by just about any other gift because a caricature is unique, it s personal, it shows a level of thought and ingenuity that it recognized and appreciated by the recipient.

So is a caricature a piece of art? Of course, but it is soooo much more!

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