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Dog owner caricature gift

Dog owner caricature gift is perfect for the pet owner who has a gift giving opportunity coming up. (Birthday/thank-you etc) Why not give them some unique art of their pet! Referencing supplied photos, our skilled and talented artists can draw dog caricature or any sort of pet and they make great gifts that are appreciated …

Help promote Caricature King

If you can, please print out this image and place on a noticeboard at your work. The more the merrier šŸ˜‰ Click link, then right click ‘save as’ or ‘save target’ or just click the link then print the PDF A4posterBW2

Fisherman caricature

One of the great things about caricatures is you can place people into any situation you want. In this case, you can make the fish as big as you want šŸ˜‰ For most of us we will never catch a fish this big, but as a caricature we can! This is a draft stage of …

Motorcycle caricature

Guys love their motorbikes, no matter what age they are. Here is a fun caricature of a guy and his motorbike.Ā  It is a fun thing to have a motorcycle caricatureĀ  and this motorcyclist caricature is bound to end up on his wall, and maybe evenaĀ  tshirt! We can create a caricature of anything. Just …

Caricatures are custom created

As part of enquiries from the website, I am sometime asked if specific backgrounds can be requested. While it is stated several times in various places on the website, let me say again “Every job is 100% custom created to your ideas” This is one of the several aspects that sets our caricature service apart, …

Unique Valentines gift

Here is a nice Valentines gift created by artist Eddie. Yes it is a bit different, but that is what caricatures are all about!!. The customer said: “TheĀ  art is perfect and Eddie’s final idea for the big paw print is wonderful! The gift was very much appreciated by the birthday boy! So thank you.”

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