Caricatures are custom created

As part of enquiries from the website, I am sometime asked if specific backgrounds can be requested.

While it is stated several times in various places on the website, let me say again “Every job is 100% custom created to your ideas”

This is one of the several aspects that sets our caricature service apart, we communicate with you so you get what you want.

Need a snow covered mountain in the background? No problem!

Want a specific bike in the image – find a sample on Google and we can create it!

Want the wedding dress to look just like yours? It would be silly not to!

Often it is the little details that count, and we like to get those right because yes, it does make a difference. People notice and appreciate that attention to these aspects and you, as a gift giver,  will be appreciated even more for going to that trouble.

So if you are looking for a unique, custom gift for the person with everything, then we can create the perfect retirement gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, graduation gift or engagement gift!

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