Are Facebook pictures good enough to caricature?

In recent months increasingly we are seeing pictures from people’s Facebook albums supplies as images for the artists to use as source images.

Sadly in 90% of cases images from Facebook are unsuitable for the artist to use because Facebook resizes images and reduces the resolution, making them too small. The only exceptions are those that are very, very close. In most instances, this is not the case with the images we are sent.

It is important that you put yourself in the artist’s seat and imaging trying to come up with a good representation of a person is they were sitting 10-15 metres/yards away. A couple of the artists lean towards simple images (Shane and Luis), but others endeavor to include good detail (as often facial features/flaws make up part of the person’s visual representation).

Of course the images used on the artist’s sample pages are size reduced to allow for the page layout.

So how big does an image need to be?

See this example:

This is the MINIMUM size we need, though even this is boarderline (plus it is a little dark, but we can fix that so the artist can see it better). The GOOD aspect of this photo are the expressions. Great caricatures start with great expressions – often the zanier the better.

At all time we strive to deliver you the best product possible and this starts with image quality!

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