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Caricature giving opportunites

Upcoming gift giving opportunities


Just so you don’t get caught out missing an important gift giving opportunity, here are some reminders and some you may not know about! Remember our caricatures are all custom – we don’t use existing bodies or backgrounds.
aoffer (19K)
Australia – Father’s Day – September 1, don’t be late! Kids, remember who ran beside the bike when you were learning to ride, sat scared as heck when you were learning to drive, who did and maybe still is putting his hand in his pocket for little things, like paying your car rego, phone bill. Need I say more :) Order here

USA – National Dogs Day – August 26. A bit like dad’s, but just less embarrasing at times! If you know a dog lover, this is a great excuse to give them a gift they will treasure. Our work can be almost portrait-like

Global – Birthdays - every day coming up! Who do you know who is turning 18, 21, 30, 40 50…heck any age will do! A caricature is a great way to commemorate those big number birthdays!

UK – Heck the best I can find is Bog Snorkelling Championships, Waen Rhydd peat bog, near Llanwrtyd Wells in mid Wales. Go your hardest!! The aim is to swim two lengths of the 60-yard Waen Rhydd peat bog with flippers and snorkel in the fastest time.

Global – Leaving/retirement – year-round. People leave all sorts of places for all sorts of reasons. Retirement after many years is always a great opportunity but also presents a challenge for an appropriate gift. Others may be leaving for maternity leave, new job etc.


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Contact us

We love to hear from you!!  Use any one of these methods:

Send us an email

Or via our Australian phone +61 (0)7 4566 0018 (I will ring you back)

Or I am available to discuss any ideas you may have for a caricature with Luis or any of our artists via live chat (at left) generally between these times:

9am-9pm Eastern Aust Standard Time

5pm-5am Eastern USA Standard Time

2pm-11pm Western USA Standard Time

6am-11pm London Standard Time

Discounts apply, EVERY DAY

While we have special on occasions, did you know that we have special discounts that apply every day of the year!

Prices are determined per person, with discounts when there are more than two people in the caricature.
Discounts are:

  • 2 people = 8%,
  • 3 people = 11%,
  • 4 people = 15%,
  • 5 people = 20%.
  • 6+ people = 25%
  • Really big groups – quote

The discount is applied on the order page and is shown as reduced amount per person.

Visit our main page to see some great art and to place an order!

Get a free custom background

aoffer (19K)

Here is a great offer from artist Nathan: Order a 2 person or more full body caricature and he will draw your basic custom background for free.

What is a custom background? Essentially what you describe, Nathan will draw (within reason). So it is not a template, but an integral part of the meaning you are conveying with the caricature. Of course the main caricature is totally custom, according to your instructions.

When ordering, simply choose full body and then when sending images and instructions say you would like the free background and describe the simple scene you would like.

Remember, this offer is only for artist Nathan and only for orders of two or more people. Offer ends midnight this Sunday, July 14, so get a wiggle-on!

Order now



Artist Eddie is offering unbeatable prices on group caricature of 8 or more people. Ideal for conference mementos, end of school year (USA) gifts for teachers and coaches etc.

just email your requirements to  and I will get Eddie to offer a seriously hot price.

Spread the word to friends and family!

Flash sketching competition – Win a caricature!!

Here is a FLASH competition!!!!

Between now and the 31st May, simply do your best sketch/cartoon/caricature of you/friend/celebrity and LIKE our Facebook page then upload to our Facebook timeline. (Not a member of Facebook? Just email it in reply and I will post it for you). Sketch it using your computer or on paper and scan it, but it has to be your work and not a computer generated thing.

At the end of the month, I will RANDOMLY pick a winner, so if you cannot draw to save yourself, this won’t be a reason that you might not be the winner! The prize is a head and shoulders caricature by the artist of your choice.

To kick things off, I am uploading my sketch of me…(yes this is why I employ artists!) that I did on the back of a piece of scrap paper.

So get sketching and post to this timeline. Good Luck!


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