Lets get creative while staying and home


The team at Caricature King hope you are doing well.

Around the world, millions of people like us are staying at home and staying safe.

But there seems to be a common activity happening in lots of those homes…

Getting creative!

If you are looking at creativity in your home, why not think about some new art for your wall. Together we can make it happen.

Art with a difference – we make your ideas happen!

Already we are getting orders for fun art commemorating the creative activities resulting from the self isolation that is required by many, many governments, to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The requests are for fun art that denotes an aspect of their life either under lock-down, or severe restrictions, sometimes with the works “How We Survived COVID-19”, or “We Survived the #Lockdown – 2020” as some examples.

If your family is together or apart, we can create an image that links you and your loved ones. As every artwork is custom, we discuss with you your ideas, or we can make suggestions based on your information.

The art is also perfect to put on T-Shirts.

What do we need? Simply photos of the people to be in the art, and maybe some input – as part of your creativity you can even pose the scene and then we can be true to form, or make it a bit whacky!

Art is delivered digitally or we can provide poster prints, canvas prints or framed prints delivered to your door.

*Australian customers – due to the volatility in the Australian dollar, all orders are being done via the US$ page. If you would like a poster print, canvas print or framed print, please email us after placing the order for the art.

Here are some drawings from some of our artists. Please support them and get a great artwork!

Visit our site to get started!



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