Caricature King is 10 years old!

From humble beginnings in June 2005 and our first order 2 days after launching our first website, Caricature King is now a go-to business for people regardless of their location, wanting quality art for a range of gift needs including: Birthday gifts, retirement gifts, for weddings (save-the-date, invitations, framed sign-in boards) groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts, team mementos, staff awards and for social media use.

We have even done images for book covers, magazine articles, training manuals, cook books, advertising and images to be incorporated into logos.

Customers are spread around the globe, on every continent and in over 25 countries and even from places that are not countries!

Some customers even become our friends, not only because they make several orders but because we do business in a person-to-person approach. We know you have invested trust in us and we respect that.. Just because you may be far away, we like to think you right there beside us!

To mark our 10th anniversary we are offering a massive 30% off all full body caricatures – this discount is normally only offered to people ordering 15 or more people!

The savings – Prices in US$

People Full Price 30% off Saving
1 $75 $52.50 $22.50
2 $150 $105 $45
3 $225 $157.50 $67.50
4 $300 $200 $100
5 $375 $262.50 $112.50
6 $450 $315 $135

This special deal is only until June 20.

To take advantage of this offer, don’t delay – Offer closed

Your continued support is appreciated by all on the team here at Caricature King.

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