retirement caricature well received

retirement caricature happyHere is a chap called Randy who was presented with a caricature as a farewell gift from his organisation.

As you can see he is very happy with his gift (lucky it was not a watch I guess!)

Artist Zalo worked from supplied pictures and this description:

Randy’s passions are golf (if only he didn’t have to work!), & anything to do with the University of Texas & their team, the Longhorns.  He is a natural politician, the King of Schmooze, and was actually elected the youngest Justice of the Peace in Texas history (at the time).  He is VERY jolly & congenial & well liked by (most) everyone he meets.

At the draft stage this was the response from the client:

Oh, Matt, that is a riot!  It is SO him, especially the outstretched hand!  SUCH a politician!

And after the final printed and framed caricature was delivered:

Hi, Matt!  We had Randy’s roast last Thursday night, & it was a wonderful success.  Attached is the picture of the presentation, and one of Randy, the Board President & my boss (who’s also the CEO).  He LOVED the caricature, & everyone there said that the artist captured him absolutely.  Thanx so much for the awesome picture & fabulous service!!

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