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Valentines Day 2010 Ideas

Our page for Valentines Day Gifts has been updated – you can see some samples and get ideas for a truly memorable gift for your Valentine! See samples here

Fun new caricature from Shane

Here is a fun caricature from artist Shane. The background is the husband has a well-paying job in Europe, which is just as well because the females in his family love spending it on nice jewelry, fashionable clothing and  other luxuries! The client commutes on a regular basis over the pond, hence the aircraft!

Barack Obama caricature

A new caricature of Barack Obama has been placed on our celebrities page. Here is is: As you can see there has been a bit of distortion on the forehead, accentuating the height and the shape. The eyebrows are bigger and the mouth and cheeks are of course bigger. The chin has also been extended… Read More »

Putting the fun back into weddings

Weddings can be such stiff and formal affairs. Often they are strangled by tradition and routine. The path to wedding formality starts with the wedding invitations. There is that word again that is used to describe them – ‘formal’. Often featuring gilding, embossing, script style lettering on while linen paper….. In today’s contemporary society there… Read More »

Simple black and white caricature

Here is a nice caricature drawn by artist Rick. This simple approach is very appealing and will look great ina  black frame or even on a Tshirt. As the client says “Matt- The caricature is perfect I appreciate the ease to which this was done and by the way you sure have a unique niche… Read More »