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Three friends caricature

Here is a great caricature of three friends completed by artist Harry. As you can see Harry does realistic work that suits many people, including this customer! The great thing about our caricatures is because their are delivered digitally, you can print them several times so each person can have a copy (we also offer… Read More »

Customer feedback

Here is  some of a email we received from a happy client.  It has been edited slightly to protect names as the gift has not been given yet! I’m so excited, estatic, elated and super PUMPED about Harry’s cariacture! It is INCREDIBLE how realistic Harry’s work is and how he truly nailed Gary’s and my… Read More »

Caricatures of surfboard riders

Its been a while but caricatures of people riding surfboards seems to be the flavor of the month. It could be that now is the middle of the Australian Summer, so surfing is on the agenda, but wait, one order comes from Hawaii. So here are some examples of surfer caricatures. They are different people,… Read More »

Getting into the new year – caricatures here we come!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas/New Year break. In some parts of the world it seems weather was the greatest focus, even overshadowing gifts and get-togethers. So the New Year brings with it renewed hope and a renewed focus on many things, including gifts! At this time of year?? While the big gift giving… Read More »

Groomsmen on the beach

While we are on the beach we should move up the coast a bit to where the boys are enjoying a pre-wedding party… When the client send the images, I was a bit unsure about some of the faces that were being pulled. I even emailed to check, but as you can see, really zany… Read More »

Artist changes and welcome new artist Luis

We have had a couple of changes in our artist line up in recent weeks. Artist Roy has taken on a new life challenge including moving country and as a result has needed to rationalize his activities, so it is a sad farewell to Roy after three years dedicated artistic services. Artist Rick has also… Read More »

Fishing caricature

Uncle Ed is a keen fisherman so what better gift (other than a fishing trip) could a man want on his birthday! Here is a beaut fishing caricature created by artist Harry.  If you have a fisherman (or any other keen sportperson) in your house, we can create a great caricature gift for you.  Just… Read More »

Valentines Day 2010 Ideas

Our page for Valentines Day Gifts has been updated – you can see some samples and get ideas for a truly memorable gift for your Valentine! See samples here