Staff caricatures

For many businesses having a picture of staff is one aspect of personalizing the profile page. You are dealing with a company and you get to see the person’s picture.

Sometimes however, staff are reluctant to have their photos taken for use on a public website.

One way around this is to use a caricature of the person. This allows enough of who the person is to be shown, but at the same time not revealing the look of the person 100%.

Some businesses like to use caricatures because they are different. This is great for a business that may want to remove some of the ‘stuffiness’ that may be associated with their type of business.

Using caricatures of staff can also be used to portray that your business has anĀ  ‘outside the box’ capability.

A while back artist George did a series of caricatures for Pyramid Educational Consultants.

I think they have shown good use of the caricatures by using them on their consultant’s profile page, plus on a map on the same page. Have a look here.

The caricatures are also used in email signatures.

I think this helps show potential and existing clients that their organization is not the same as everyone else – that they can and do think outside the square and all success to them for doing that.

An added advantage is the staff members also get a copy of their caricature to use!

Want to get caricatures of your staff? We have a number of artists who can create great staff caricatures for you.

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