Why are caricatures such a great way to fundraise?

Every day community groups, schools, churches and charities are looking looking for ways to raise funds.

At the same time they seek innovative ideas – not the usual car wash, cookie dough etc…but something different.

Caricature King is keen for community involvement. Being a ‘virtual’ business, this can place a few challenges in our way – we are spread over four continents and six international time zones, so it is impossible to turn up for the local fair etc.

But we can help by supporting those groups who want to do some of their fundraising ONLINE. Yes, you can raise funds by promoting our services and we will pay a percentage of all sales.

So why think seriously about caricatures as a fundraiser?

1. They are soooo different! They make the perfect gift for any occasion and are a real keepsake. This is why they sell so well!

2. You can make some great money per sale. Here are figures for pricing in US$ and Aust$:

Type of colour caricature

Retail US$/A$
(per head)

Up to 15 orders
in a month – 15%

Over 15 orders
in a month – 20%





Full body




Full body /with props




(Aust commissions are paid on GST ex prices)
Over half sales have more than one person in them, so the earnings soon add up!

3. By using the email promotion technique, there is virtually NO WORK. We can provide you with an email template about the caricatures. All you need do is add your own personal comment to each person you send to and send it to everyone in the school/club/group/church. The email includes a request that in addition to the recipient considering buying a caricature, they also send to people they know (and those people they know etc). A few moments to put your own personal introduction and send. That’s it!

4. By using the email promotion technique, you can raise funds from well outside the school/club/church group or local community. We have seen fundraisers raise funds from outside their State and even outside the country! Again virtually NO WORK needed.

5. Again using the email promotion technique, your fundraising program can last for many months – just send out remainder emails (we can supply all email templates or you can write your own). Just a few minutes to do the intro – simple and easy!

6. Having a photo shoot and taking orders can be piggybacked on a number of other events. A bit more work, but still a lot of fun!

7. Is there a place locally that prints to quality paper, mugs, t-shirts etc? You can value add and leverage earnings by arranging printing as part of the service.

Getting started
Getting started is easy. Just contact Matt and he can arrangeĀ  a special website address (and a login so you can track clicks and sales), samples to be sent to you for showing at ‘photo shoot’ opportunities and record keeping forms etc.

If you have a question you want to ask, please contact Matt.

Looking forward to helping you
We look forward to helping you raise funds for your school/group/club/church. The team at Caricature King are always here to assist you and provide the necessary support for you.

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