Unique engagement gift ideas

If you are looking for unique engagement gift ideas for newly engaged couple, a custom artwork is a perfect solution.

What better engagement gift idea for a couple in love than a custom artwork showing them framed in a romantic way!

valentines day gift art

The couple will often plan their engagement party within a few weeks or months of the wedding proposal.  This provides time to arrange a very special engagement gift that will be totally unique.

Giving a gift that includes the couple is especially nice, rather than one specifically for either the bride or groom to be.

Gift ideas for engaged couples often focus on home wares, but the beauty of a custom caricature artwork is it will become a fantastic keepsake for the engaged couple as well as a home decor item for their new home.

So don’t be one of those people buying a toaster or a blender, be the engagement present giving hero with this fantastic idea!

In this example artist Zalo has used a heart to frame the couple and their fur baby.

Arranging your own unique engagement gift caricature artwork is easy.

It does not matter if you are wanting an engagement gift for someone in Brisbane, Boston, Sydney or London, all we need are some good photos (together or apart) and your chosen artist (we have a team of eight artists who each have their own style) and you can specify how you want them portrayed (the heart example is popular).

Because we start with ideas, not templates, we work with you to evolve the idea into a wonderful tailor-made gift they will treasure for years to come.

Order digital delivery ready for you to print or one of our professional print options (details on the order page – Australia and USA only).

Questions? Please feel free to ask.

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