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Is this a caricature of a Masterchef?

Caricatures can be great fun and when celebrating a birthday it represents a great opportunity to acknowledge a person’s passion. For Ron, this is cooking. His friends say he is a real masterchef and loves to cook dishes from the Mediterranean, especially Italy. So what better gift idea for this capable cook than to be …

Drag racer caricature

This drag racer caricature shows one of the great things about getting a caricature drawn is you can have anything included. This caricature gift for a drag racer was drawn from this description supplied by the customer: “This is a caricature for my brothers 30th B’day. He is a drag racer and also plays guitar …

Harry BW caricature samples

Harry’s page has just been updated to show some great BW work. BW is a great alternative for many situations, including invitations¬† and Tshirts where it is sometimes better suited. Check out Harry’s black and white caricatures samples here (bottom of page). .

Beach Party Caricature

Here is a great black and white group caricature created by caricature artist Harry. The customer provided a nice sick figure sketch to show locations and a good description of actions of each that made the process wonderfully straightforward. The image will e printed and a copy of each to each of the friends to …

Caricature of a turd

Well OK the turd is not the main part of the caricature, but it just goes to show some of the things our artists have to draw! (And the level of detail that Harry provides.) Take the time to browse our artist’s work. Having a custom artwork caricature costs less than you think!

Cricket caricature hits a six

Caricatures featuring a person doing their favorite hobby are popular (see fishing as an example)¬† as gifts for birthdays and retirement. Because hobbies are so intrinsic in a person’s life, it is important that details are right. The type of fish and in the case of a cricketer, small details like the bat being just …

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