Put your new caricature on a T-shirt for under $21

It is easy to put your caricature on a t-shirt from under US$21 including delivery within the USA.

The process for t-shirt printing is easy and straightforward.

Step 1: Go to CustomInk

Step 2: Click the Left side icon”Start Designing”

Step 3. Click the Upload icon and follow the steps

Step 3: Resize and re-position the image -there is also a >|< center icon that is useful

Step 4: Sometime some colors seem to be missing. Simply click the ‘Reset to Original’ text to bring the colors back to normal.

color fix
click to enlarge

Step 5: It you want to add text you can. You can also change the color of the shirt.

Step 6: Ready? Click ‘$ Get Price’ and put n the quantity you want in the size/s you want and proceed from there!

Not got a caricature ready for a t-shirt? We can do many forms of art.  Order one here

Want to do something to sell? we also do art on a commercial basis. Please Contact Us to discuss.

bobs paty caricature shirt




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