How to order a caricature

Many people wanting to order a caricature for a gift often don’t know where to find the best way to order their art.

In some locations there may be a local artist who can help, but this can present difficulties in arranging a time to meet and if the artist want the real human to draw from or is prepared to work from a photograph.

In addition, it may be the artist’s style does not suit your purpose or only does black and white and you want colour, or some other reason.

Another way to order a caricature is to look online. This opens up a world of possibilities and and a huge range of artistic styles and prices.

When looking to order your art online there are some considerations:


Does the site provide plenty of information about how their process works, what they need to do the work and how they will deliver the final art. Depending on your and the artist’s location you may be able to get the paper-based caricature delivered, but this is normally at a significantly higher cost.

Caricature Options

man cooking crabs artwork
By artist Eddie

These can include what can be included in the art, sizes, colour or black and white, if a draft is included and if any changes can be made and if so at what cost. Some sites even offer the options of delivery of a digital file, having it professionally printed and even framed.

Contact and communication

A VERY important aspect of ordering a caricature online is the ease and flow of communication. Is their live chat, and email address or a telephone number? Some sites have just an email address which can result in problems if they are slow in responding or even non-responsive.


Caricature Price

While some have a budget ceiling, remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”. Price is influenced by many things: the artist’s skill, their location, the quality of the output, if the initially presented price accurately reflects what you are wanting (or are they offering an unreasonably low price to start, but everything else is an ‘added cost’ that can make it ultimately very expensive), are they a professional artist or a hobbyist wanting to make some extra cash. If they are a professional artist, then expect to pay a living wage – this is their income after all! Pricing should be upfront and fixed!

dog art from photo

Caricature Process

After initial discussion via the site contact method, and ordering (is is usual to pay upfront), you can expect to supply source images for the artist to reference, a full description of what you expect (clothing, pose, inclusions, etc. From there the artist will either draw a draft for approval or when changes can be made, or a proof, when changes should still be possible, especially if the art is created digitally.

Caricature King

Here at Caricature King our team of 8 artists pride ourselves not only on the quality of our art, but also the high levels of customer service as our testimonials attest. Having 14 years online experience delivering thousands of caricatures, we are one of the first online caricature services in the world. You can trust our service and satisfaction!

group caricature of teachers
click for larger

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