Group caricature with fun!

Here is a fun group caricature created for a repeat customer.

Featuring  a group of 15 guys to mark a celebration in a footy bet this group caricature art proposal was faced with a challenge.

Create a group caricature and reduce costs

With so many people costs soon mount up when looking at full bodies for each, we worked with the client to explore creative ways of reigning in the price for the art without reducing the number of people.

The group caricature had to have a water-based theme, as the guy from the losing bet had to be holding a fish and an anchor needed to also feature.

Through collaboration and swapping of ideas with the client, we finally agreed on the submarine as a way of having quite a few of the group as head and shoulders, while the key players were half and full bodies.

The client was able to provide some great photos for the caricature to be drawn from. Drawing a caricature from good photos is always welcomed and makes the artist’s job a lot easier.

As you will see the result is a cool and innovative piece of mildly caricatured artwork that will be treasure for years to come!

By online caricature artist Harry

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