Group caricature of back-stage staff

Need a group caricature of back-stage staff? Here is a story of one such need.

School stage productions are a wonderful opportunity for students to develop new skills discover new talents. But of course none of this can happen without the assistance of teachers and parents behind the scenes filling many of the management roles.

So how to thank them for their kind efforts, often on a voluntary basis (staff)?

This was the challenge facing students at a high school.

The solution was to get a quote and then make a collection from the cast and back-stage students to have a wonderful keepsake group caricature artwork created. This was digitally delivered so it could be printed multiple times so each teacher could get a copy.

The art was created by online caricature artist Eddie and here we show a rendition of how it could look framed.

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Benefits of a group caricature

  • Allows the group dynamic to be shown
  • Can actually reduce costs because some staff member’s bodies can be largely hidden.
  • Can allow the group to be shown, even using individual photos
  • Can be placed in a setting, further enhancing the capture of ‘time and place’
  • If a thank-you gift, easily funded by collection
group caricature of teachers
click for larger

Your can order a caricature online in a range of currencies and we have 8 caricature artists online featuring different styles to select.

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