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The big event for February is of course Valentine’s Day. It is a time of year when there is a mad scramble for ordering or purchasing chocolates or flowers or sometimes even a gift of greater duration.

Every year here at Caricature King we see a steady increase in the ordering of caricatures.  I use the term caricatures loosely, because for many of our artists, it is more a case of fun realistic art.

The humour comes not so much from any distortion or exaggeration, but through the fun portrayal of the people both in the clothing and the setting. Of course there is always the fascination of seeing how someone else interprets your face!

valentines day caricature art

Here is a sweet example by artist Harry of a couple, one of whom had the foresight to bind their love for the other in the form of a custom artwork.

As you can see the inclusion of specific detail makes this gift extra special and one that can be proudly displayed on a wall for years to come…long after roses have wilted and chocolates have created extra curves!

As we are in Mid-January, this is an ideal time to be ordering your own romantic heirloom from one of our team of artists who can create the perfect Valentines Day gift.

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