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Groomsmen Caricature Gift

One thing harder to find than a bridesmaids gift is a gift for the groomsmen. Often they are a very diverse bunch and a six-pack of beer could be just as welcome as a new tie….as if a tie would be welcome!! One great and popular solution is a caricature. Here at caricatureking we get… Read More »

Caricature Gift Certificate popular for last minute gifts

When it comes to gift giving, time can be our worst enemy. SUDDENLY the event for the gift giving has arrived and that perfect gift, well you want to give something unique, but how and from where is not yet thought about. Of course we know that the perfect gift is a custom caricature from… Read More »

Putting the fun back into weddings

Weddings can be such stiff and formal affairs. Often they are strangled by tradition and routine. The path to wedding formality starts with the wedding invitations. There is that word again that is used to describe them – ‘formal’. Often featuring gilding, embossing, script style lettering on while linen paper….. In today’s contemporary society there… Read More »