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Wedding proposal caricature

You can use caricatures for all sorts of things, from saying farewell to retiring work colleagues (or those moving jobs) to thank you and family memoirs. Another fun caricature that we have orders for are for wedding proposals – either as port of the proposal or as a way or remembering the proposal. Here is …

An unusual caricature

One of our regular clients, ‘Bigfella’, has been keeping artist George busy again. Involved in the magic business after hours, our death defying friend wanted himself posed in the cruicifix position, holding a cobra in each hand, with angelic wings and a space background. He was very happy with the result!

How to get a caricature on the cheap

A new development at Caricature King has been the development of a new ‘product’ call replace-your-face. Basically what this means is you can make use of an existing body or theme and have your (or someone else’s) face’s drawn into the image. This means that you can get a full body or a scene style …

Magician caricature, performers caricature

If you are an actor, singer, magician or other type of performer, using caricatures to help brand your performance is an ideal way to extend your connection with art and can be an important part of your branding. Why a caricature? Simply because a caricature can portray you any way you want. It can act …

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