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An unusual caricature

One of our regular clients, ‘Bigfella’, has been keeping artist George busy again. Involved in the magic business after hours, our death defying friend wanted himself posed in the cruicifix position, holding a cobra in each hand, with angelic wings and a space background. He was very happy with the result!

Catching the character in caricatures

Caricatures are all about characters. The artist seeks to capture his interpretation of the person, (in our case using just the photo/s supplied). Here is a recent job from artist George who was asked to capture an Australian ‘bushie’ – that is, someone who lives not only in a rural area, but perhaps even in… Read More »

Staff caricatures

For many businesses having a picture of staff is one aspect of personalizing the profile page. You are dealing with a company and you get to see the person’s picture. Sometimes however, staff are reluctant to have their photos taken for use on a public website. One way around this is to use a caricature… Read More »