Custom accountant retirement gift idea – caricature

Think caricature for an accountant retirement gift idea for a colleague who is retiring.

At Caricature King we have a team or artists who can create the perfect custom accountant retirement gift caricature that your colleague who is retiring from the accounting firm will love.

Despite often joked at for ‘accountants have no personality’ (we secretly know they do) and they also have some interesting past-times. So when looking for a personalized retiring accountant gift, a really fun artwork can be made by incorporating the retirees’ interests.

One important thing for anyone heading into retirement is to have an interest or hobby, and most accountants about to retire will certainly have totaled up a nice list, even if short.

Memories – make them accountable

Retirement gifts, especially accountant retirement gifts, provides an excellent opportunity to collect and present memories of notable events during their accounting career. These can be notable achievements of pride and satisfaction such as awards, securing an important client, leadership examples etc. These can be incorporated in the custom artwork.

Maybe there have been some events of less ‘importance’ but which became part of the person’s legend in the office. These could be mishaps (did they struggle with some technology, late to arrive or late to leave, have a coffee addiction, funny sayings, or habits that defined them during their  accounting career.( that can be incorporated to make a truly personalized gift.

Its all about retirement

Retirement means new interests away from accounting. These can be interests they had during their career as an accountant or hobbies or interests they will be pursuing after they have retired.

The great thing about a retirement gift for this accountant is you can incorporate existing interests as well as new plans. Our talented artists can draw a completely custom caricature from photos you supply of the person plus descriptions of interests and plans.

They could like golf and be planning to travel. Our caricaturists can show both these, maybe even the destinations they are planning to see or the mode of transport (plane, motor home etc.)

The great thing about the accountant retirement gift is how these things can be incorporated, even to the extent of having is framed and colleagues signing the mat with well-wishes for the future.

A retirement gift well received

Caricatures are custom artworks and people love receiving them. They love them not only because of the thought and effort that has gone into developing the idea, but also the artist’s interpretation of their photo’s and how they are shown. Responses range from initially quizzical then laughter to instant delight. But always loved!


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She likes shopping , gym, home improvement and family. Artist Zalo.


Goodbye work, hello loud shirts and a trip to Japan.


Running into retirement and plenty of energetic activities. Artist Luis


Time to get casual and on the right side of the desk. Artist George


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